MvC2 best settings?

Discussion in 'PS2 Plugin Questions & Plugin Troubleshooting' started by ShiroZX, May 1, 2017.

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  1. ShiroZX

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    I downloaded pcsx2 with MvC2 a few days ago, and I get a solid 60fps, I only get slowdowns during an ice stage, is that a thing in the game (I saw that the ps2 version has slowdowns).
    But only with native resolution x1, and when I move it to x2, I get slowdowns and I don't really like having such bad resolution.
    Is there a way I can boost these fps with the native resolution I've got?.

    (Also, if you could help me with nulldc, I have slowdowns when both players have assists out and during captain commando's hyper combo)

    Im using a laptop, lenovo thinkpad L430
    4gb ram
    intel i5-3320 2.60ghz
    Windows 7 professional
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    we did not support piracy on this forum.
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