My Laptop Specs, how should I configure my eSPXe?

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    I downloaded the newest version of ePSXe the other day, 1.70 but I'm having trouble running games. Alot of them are very laggy on the loading screens, very laggy music. I can get simple games like Harvest Moon Back to Nature to run perfectly but games such as Chrono Cross, FF VII and Vagrant are running laggy for me. I tried using Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 but I kept getting an error, "missing framebuffer object extension". If I use a different plugin, the games either won't run or are very laggy. The only games I can get to work are harvest moon and digimon world 3. Btw, I'm running these games by doing File > run ISO > game

    Here are the plugins I have:

    Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9
    Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.77
    P.E.Op.S Soft Driver 1.14
    P.E.Op.S Soft Driver 1.17
    Pete's D3D Driver 1.77
    Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.77
    [NextGL] 1.12

    ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2.
    Eternal SPU Plugin 1.50
    Null Sound Driver 1.0
    P.E.Op.S DSound Audio Driver 1.9

    ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2.
    ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2.
    ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2.

    bios\PSX - SCPH1001.BIN (current one i'm using)

    Now here are my System Specs:

    Gateway ML 6732

    -3GB RAM
    -320 GB Hard drive
    -Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2370 1.73 GHz
    -Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

    What plugins should I use (or download if I need better ones) and how should I configure them?

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    you dont want to use the OGL2 plugin with an integrated card, they cant handle it most of the time and the OGL2 is intended for higher end cards, stick with either the software, D3D or OGL1 for now.

    your speed issue is likely stemming from the way you have your plugin set up so what video plugin are you currently using and how do you have it configured? if you dont know how to get them, go into the video config and look for a button that says "copy settings to clipboard" and then do a copy/paste into a reply here.
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    I'v been trying a bunch of different plugins and configurations to find the best one. So far the best plugin I had was Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.58 but that was replaced by the 2.9 when I downloaded it. Now I'm using Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.77 with this configuration:

    Plugin: Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.1.77
    Author: Pete Bernert
    GFX card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

    - 640x480 Window mode

    - R5G5B5A1
    - Filtering: 0
    - Hi-Res textures: 0
    - VRam size: 0 MBytes

    - FPS limit: on
    - Frame skipping: off
    - FPS limit: 60.0

    - Offscreen drawing: 3
    - Framebuffer texture: 0
    - Framebuffer access: 0
    - Alpha multipass: on
    - Mask bit: on
    - Advanced blending: none

    - Scanlines: off [0]
    - Unfiltered FB: off
    - Dithering: off
    - Screen smoothing: off
    - Full vram: off
    - Game fixes: on [00000800]

    It runs less intensive games like Harvest moon, digimon world 3, and monster rancher 2 perfectly. But when I try to run Vagrant, Chrono Cross or even digimon rumble arena. I can't even get past the loading screens. The games freak out and distort all the images and stop loading.
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    Try the Peops soft plugin (latest version is 1.18). It doesn't mess around with the graphics (original PSX graphics) and a 1,7GHz processor will be able to handle it no problem.
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    * Pete's D3D Driver 1.77 :


    * Eternal SPU Plugin 1.50 :


    * CDROM:

    ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2. (If you OS is XP +)
    ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2. (If your OS uses ASPI : win9x).
    Xeven CDR plugin : Some NTSC/US&JAP wont work without it.

    * Bios:
    SCPH1001.BIN (Good).

    --------------THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU A GOOD START------------------
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