my mermory card

Discussion in 'AdriPSX Discussion' started by ShayBlast, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. ShayBlast

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    Hey :D my pcsx doesnt read the mermory cars
    and always im configure my pad and keyboard to
    the pcsx and press apply and OK im trying to press
    but nothing happen...
    my windows is 7
    maybe there is special pcsx2 for it?
    Thanks verry much :D
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  3. nevaeh.aaric

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    You insert the USB Flash Drive into a USB slot on your computer or laptop. Then a window will pop up then 'Open folder to view files'. And then if you want to give someone a file Right click the file you want to give and click 'copy' and go to the USB Flash Drive Window and then Take the memory card and plug it into another computer and drag and drop it onto there desktop and
    there you go.

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