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    One of the most common questions asked about Playstation emulation is, "What plugins should I use and what settings should they be?" Most of the time, you can use any of Pete's plugins with the "Nice" preset. But if that doesn't work out, then you might need a special configuration.

    First of all, figure out which plugins you need.

    • Peops for 2D games (alternatively use pSX)
    • Pete's OGL2 for Geforce FX and higher, Radeon 9500 and higher
    • OGL for Nvidia Geforce cards (any type) or ATi Radeon (all types)
    • D3D for non 9xxx Radeons and modern integrated graphics
    • D3D DX6 for older integrated and other random crappy GPU's
    • Lewpy's Glide for Voodoo cards

    Out of those, OGL and OGL2 are recommended. If you're going to use Peops software plugin, the Nice preset is fine in almost every situation.

    Chrono Cross
    • OGL
    • OGL2 (coming soon)

    Final Fantasy 7

    Final Fantasy 8

    Final Fantasy 9

    Metal Gear Solid
    • OGL
    • OGL2 is not recommended for this game.

    Star Ocean II

    Tales of Destiny II (Tales of Eternia)

    • OGL2 (scroll down)

    If you'd like to add anything, make your own thread in this section (Plugin Questions & Troubleshooting). As you notice, each link is to its own thread or page. Yes, you too can have your own config featured.

    If you've any questions, comments, or suggestions about the above configs, post in their respective threads (except for the Lord Kane forums; in that case make a new thread on Emuforums).
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