need help choosing right laptop for null dc

Discussion in 'nullDC Discussion' started by bazthesonicfan1, Jul 14, 2008.

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    hi there,

    i have a desktop computer that has 2.4ghz intel quad proccessor and a nvidia geforce 8600 GT graphics card

    with these specs iam able to run dreamcast with 2048-4000 or so buffer rate with video fps running well at around 45-50fps, so i'm having no problems there, everything is playable but would really like to know how to speed that up to 60fps if it's possible

    and the laptop i have now has a 15.4" screen with 1.46ghz intel celeron processor with an intel gma 950 graphics card

    and with these specs no matter what sound buffer is from 800-4000 (not sure what exact numbers are looking away from emulator) the frame rate is terrible, is unplayable and sound is awful and slow

    what i would like help with is this, i'm looking for a new laptop which can match or even do better than what my desktop computer can, and i want something a little smaller than what i have which i would like to get a 13" - 11" size laptop, i have seen certain 13" laptops with 2.0ghz speeds but not sure if it's gonna cut the dreamcast emulation as i have tried this emulator on my friend's 1.8ghz laptop, can someone tell me if a 2.0ghz or 2.2 ghz laptop could handle dreamast (null dc) emulation? also i have no idea how graphics cards affects emulation qualtiy

    i would really appreciate anyones help, if someone could also reccomend a specific laptop for my requirements that would be fantastic, and if any more information is needed in order to help me, please reply

    thanks very much! from baz :)
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  3. Devil Master

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    The bottleneck on your laptop is the Intel video card. If you want to buy a new laptop, make sure it has an nVidia or ATI video card.
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    First of all are you using the NullDC 1.6? Are you using nullACIA sound plugin? if so have you got "Sync Audio" checked?

    About the laptop, i have a dell inspiron 6000, pretty old. ITs got intel pentium M processor 1.73Ghz, 1.0GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon X300. Not great atall but i run nulldc peferctly with only graphical glitched caused by the emulator and i have to used a low res coz my graphics cards ****.

    If you, or anyone else, wants a cheap laptopor or PC with excellent gaming capabilitys, i reccomend going on the dell website, they choose either notebook or PC, then select "Small Buisness" and choose vostro. Findle around, cumstomizing the specs ypu preffer and i gurentee a low price :thumb:

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