no$gba v2.8e released - 11 Feb 2017

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    Time to uninstall your wanna-be virus scanners: ; )

    Major news is heavily extended documentation - including for some first specs on the TeakLiteII processor. The built-in assembler does now support both Xtensa (Wifi) and Teak (DSP) assembler source code, so it's now actually possible to run hardware tests on that processors (not that I would expect anybody to do such things, so just forget about it). Other weird stuff includes the DSi memory dumper - most recent version is released here: - to my knowledge, that's the first tool ever that could dump the DSi/3DS camera device ID's, the newer Wifi-ROMs and such stuff (again, just forget about it, the program must be in run in DSi mode, and there are currently only 2-3 people who could do such things). Anyways, the good news is that there are now wide parts of the DSi hardware documented, and that we could theoretically start to reverse-englneer the remaining unknown details at some day in future.

    11 Feb 2017 - version 2.8e
    - gba/bugfix: forces WAITCNT.15=readonly (for DKong:KingOfSwing, thanks endrift)
    - dsi/teak/a22i: added TeakLite II assembler (supports most TL+TL2 opcodes)
    - dsi/teak/help: specs for teak cpu flags (which opcodes affect which flags)
    - dsi/teak/help: specs for memory mapped I/O ports on teak/dsp side
    - dsi/teak/help: specs for teak CPU registers, details for operand encoding
    - dsi/teak/help: specs for teak st0-2,icr plus undoc stt0-2,mod0-3
    - dsi/emmc: detects/supports debug-version eMMC images (tweaks port 4004024h)
    - dsi/help: cleaned up some RSA descriptions, notes on debug-version RSA keys
    - dsi/help: first attempts on describing SCFG_xxx registers for ARM7 side
    - nds/wifi/help: added details on ds-download-play's openpgp-rsa-sha1 signature
    - dsi/boot: mimmicked support for booting with AR6013 (when WifiFlash[1FDh]=2)
    - dsi/dsdump: released dumping tool for dsi memory areas and chip IDs
    - nds/wifi: released dswifi ASM port (and bugfixes for original dswifi-library)
    - dsi/wifi/a22i: added assembler support for atheros/xtensa instruction set
    - dsi/wifi/disass: fixed bugs for ANY/ALL/4/8 and EXTUI-based SHR pseudo-opcode
    - bugfix: handles 16bit (not 32bit) return value of GetKeyState/GetAsyncKeyState
    - nds/wifi/help: added note on W_IF acknowledging for counter half-overflows
    - dsi/tmd/help: added age ratings and public/private .sav entries in .tmd specs
    - dsi/devicelist/help: added DSi SD/MMC Device List chapter (for carthdr[1D4h])
    - dsi/startdirect: initializes device list, aes keys, etc. (still imperfect)
    - fontfile/help: more info on dsi font file (compression, nitrofont, characters)
    - lz/help: added pseudo code for lzss, lz11, and lzrev decompression
    - bootinfo/help: SHA1 WifiFlash[00h..27h] and eMMCBootInfo[00h..FFh,180h..1FFh]
    - whitelist/help: info on RSA-SHA1's, SHA1-HMAC's and missing RSA check in v1.4E
    - flipnote/help: info on various flipnote files, rsa, md5, xor-encryption
    - rsa/help: added info on rsa basics, rsa pseudo code, rsa big-endian format
    - rsa/help: added note on SWI 23h using OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880)
    - rsa/bios: 80x86 dsi bios clone supports RSA bios functions (SWI 20h..23h)
    - nds/bugfix: disables dsi I/O ports in DS mode (avoids misdetecting DS as DSi)
    PS. "we" is the hacking community, but I don't know where it is.
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    thanks for the great work as always.
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    Thanks for update, except no RAM SEARCH or SEARCH CHEAT CODES support.... :(
    Just back to Desmume for finding address memory to makes AR codes! Then, use No$gba for making ASM codes aftermath. :)
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    Thanks nocash. DSi games are playable again. Looking forward for when you find a way to let DSi games save since some games don't boot because of it.
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    Does the "DSi mode" for enhanced DS games work without the system files that only 4 people have?
    EDIT: (Answer: no, no need. I got it answered on another post)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
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    Is there any interest in wireless emulation? Because desmume devs said that they're not working on it as of now, and i think I've heard that No$GBA DSes can see each other but not connect.
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    Fantastic!, hope it goes up to 3DS some day from DSI, are ie run its first one game.

    grate work.

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