PCSX-R keeps crashing ingame with Access Violation in 64bit Windows 7

Discussion in 'PCSX Discussion' started by hoover1979, Dec 4, 2016.

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    I find PCSX-R is now crashing ingame on many games, regardless of plugins or settings

    I am playing away and then....

    "pgsxr-pgxp.exe has stopped working".

    I go into event manager and it tells me the fault is in the exe and the exception code is "0x00000005" which is the code for access violation, something that is the bane of the windows 7 user's existence.

    I disabled DEP and UAC, and am runing the emulator as admin.

    PCSX-R is faster and has less stutters than ePSXe, but how can I enjoy that with all these damn access violation appcrashes.

    I tried all video plugins from software to d3d to d3d6 to opengl to opengl2 (2.9) and opengl2 (tweaks). Access violation appcrashes on all plugins. :(

    this has just started tonight and is getting more frequent every time I launch the emulator.

    Is there anything I can do to stop this crash (Without formatting my boot sector and reinstalling windows)?

    Windows 7 pro (64bit)
    Intel core i7-4790k @4.0Ghz (No OC)
    32Gb corsair vengeance pro 2400 DDR3 RAM
    4Gb Gigabyte Geforce GTX970 G1 Gaming (No OC)
    Sound Blaster Zx with Logitech z506 5.1 speakers
    Afterglow wired Xbox360 Controller

    Please assist. each time this crash happens I die a little more inside. :(
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  3. hoover1979

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    Anyone there?
  4. fischkopf

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    I never had any crashes with this message using PCSX-R... The only time I had a crash was when I was missing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3.

    Does this happen if you play a specific game? Did you try regular PCSX-R or PGXP?
  5. hoover1979

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    the VC runtime has encountered an error and must close (which crashes the emulator and my video card drivers with it) error does not happen with other emulators or games, only PCSX-R and PCSX-R-PGXP.

    I have the whole plethora of different versions of VC redist and all are updated.

    However the access violation crash happens with some 32bit games too, and the number of programs that violate access seems to increase every week.

    This is common with windows 7 users and most likely Windows 8 as Microsoft steps up it's aggressive campaign to get all users onto Windows 10. It took me a month to fix the windows update client that Microsoft broke intentionally a few months ago so I could plug the security flaws up, but that's another story.

    All Microsoft support does is reply with a bot-reply email telling me to get the Windows 10 virus, claiming that all my problems would be solved by infecting my rig with Windows 10. I don't buy that for a second. (Windows 10 added so many more, far worse problems that I formatted my PC and put Windows 7 back on within 48 Hours!!!).

    The most accurate two word statement that best describes my windows 10 experience: Unmitigated Disaster!

    But it is a much bigger issue to fix, trying to stop the access violation appcrashes then it was to fix the broken update client, and it's leaving me tearing my hair out!!!
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