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Discussion in 'PCSX Discussion' started by Xipe Toltec, Jun 23, 2016.

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    I tried PCSX-Reloaded because Epsxe is old and i heard PCSX-R is newer and has better features, which it does, but, i cannot seem to get a game to work with slowboot being enabled. Like after selecting a rom, once it gets passed the Sony logo it just goes automatically to the main menu where you select the mem card instead of loading the game. When i uncheck slowboot the game itself loads up fine but I like to have the slowboot for nostalgia reasons. I tried playing around with the bios and plugins and it seems to have no effect other then making the logo screen go faster. I googled this and cant seem to find any other people that have this issue so this is my last resort.
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    Hello Xipe Toltec,

    Could it be your psx bios is corrupt. Is the game corrupt? Try a different game.

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