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    Read the following rules, before posting in the PCSX2 Forum:
    • You can discuss unofficial builds/betas in this forum. Take in count not everyone may know the answer to a problem you may have with a particular build.
    • You will NOT ask for a BIOS, ISO (or pirated copy of a game), beta or how / where to download them.
    • We DO NOT KNOW when the next version will be released. Do not waste our time by asking. :evil:
    • Read the other Sticky posts at the top of the forum, before you make a post, they contain further rules, information and guidelines.
    • Failure to comply to these rules, will result initially in a warning, if you fail to comply to the rules after the warning, you will be banned from using the forums.

    That's it just dont post anything that might get you in problem in the forums. Read the NGEmu forum rules if you are not sure what is and isnt allowed.
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