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Discussion in 'PS2 Plugin Questions & Plugin Troubleshooting' started by Chabenso, May 4, 2012.

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    I set up my pcsx2 and everything works quite fine..
    well, I have some little problems with Timesplitters Future Perfect, but I could solve them.
    But not this problem:


    (yeah, sorry im german ;))

    It means that It cant find the "Network configuration data" (I think it should called like this in english) - from my memorycard.

    Why? - Because I have no data like that on my Memorycard.

    And yes: I am using MegaDev9_1.0.1.

    Does anybody know how to fix that?
    Some1 with a download link or something?

    Thank you for reading.

    (sorry if i'm in the wrong thread)

    Here in english:


    I hope that here are some active users :s
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    me too want know if still are some devoloping over the network gaming time ago there are plugin and guide but actually there is nothing what look like promise good way in that

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