PEC is not working for my ePSXe!

Discussion in 'PSX Plugin Questions & Troubleshooting' started by Khurtan, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Hey. I Downloaded ePSXe 1.6 and also the PEC 2.5.
    I start pec 2.5 and chose my cheats, then i start the emulator, pressed the "config" button then i hit the "video" button.
    Here i can see following:
    "select video plugin" and in the list i see "psx emualtion cheater 2.5".
    But here is the problem..
    When i click "config" on this windows (right under the "psx emuation cheater 2.5") another windows pops up saying: "please select the GPU plugin, which you want to use with the emualator here:"
    but, there is nothing in the list. The list is completely empty....
    What can I do about this?
    I installed pec 2.5 on "C\:" and i installed the plugin in "plugin" folder in my "ePSXe"-map. What did I do wrong?

    and if it matters, im running this on a windows 7 computer.

    I would love some help!

    xoxo / Khurtan
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  3. Kwizz

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    lol at the 123 views and no replies..... I am having the same problem as well...
  4. Squall-Leonhart

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    rightclick > run as admin.

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