Persona 3 Portable (ULUS10512) HD Texture Packs

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    So to kick off the PSP texture pack movement, I'm releasing whatever I've done for P3P until now. Was planning to release it at the PPSSPP forums, but they said I can't post links in the forums, while letting all those bots post like nobody's business. Go figure.

    P3P HD UI - Download Links:
    1) HD UI mod -
    2) HD Portraits mod - Only portraits for the starting party, seperated from main pack because of potential copyright hijinks due to using official art lifted from various places.

    Not included:
    - Various Tartarus first block texture replacements

    Comparison shots - Internal 4x xBRZ vs HD Textures

    More at gallery :

    And that's it. Not doing more, because I'll be working on my own game project from this month on. But whatever, I've tested this on my PC and Samsung Note 3, and it looks sharp as f**k. Enjoy!

    Mods - If this thread is in the wrong subforum, please move to the more appropriate one, thanks.
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    wish we could import custom 3d models
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    Reminds me I need to finish FES for PS2...

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