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    As the title says, I got the latest VBA-M (to which i understand is the latest/most updated EMU for the GBA) with Pokemon FireRed (v1.1).

    Im trying to use the WalkThroughWalls (WTW) code but I cannot get it to work? I use the GameShark field but I still cannot walk through walls...

    Now I DID search (its how I found Squall's post with the but the codes I have found dont seem to work for me... could I be doing something wrong? (other then the oblivious that i just dont see?)

    Thanks (also beat Dragon Warrior 1 the other day... sucks i had to start over since my GBA I have had forever broke :/ )

    & on a side note, hows the link working these days, i know VBA had problems a while back, I want to get my evolution pokemans using 2 copies of VBA-M but I dont know if most of the Link problems where solved and It will be easy :D
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