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    hey everyone,

    so I need a new power supply for my system the 600w 80+ bronze evga isnt cutting it for the system I got.So I was looking at the evga supernova g2 750 w full mod 80+ gold and it seems nice its priced at 105.Now here is where I'm a bit confused I looked at the evga GQ 850w 80+ gold semi mod it has a fluid bearing 135 mm fan on it which from my knowledge is slightly better then double ball bearing 140mm fan that the g2 has.The number for power outage on both power supplies look to be fairly even so is the g2 more expensive because of it only being fully mod and the GQ is only semi or is there something else I'm missing in quality or output? the GQ at 750w is only $90 $15 cheaper then then g2 750 and its still cheaper at 850w and the g2 being only 750w.

    Either way I want to purchase one of these power supplies but I dont want to pay more for the same quality or even worse less quality and more money so if anyone can shed some light on this and recommend which one I should get it would greatly be appreciated thanks guys.
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