problem with tomb raider 2 (both pal and ntsc versions)

Discussion in 'PCSX Discussion' started by carmel_andrews, Jan 4, 2011.

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    doesn't seem to want to load the game after you select the new game option (emulator just hangs and displays a black screen)

    I am using an iso image mounted using daemon tools program

    I am using peops and also petes cdr plugins with the various versions of pcsx i have

    The image i am using doesn't seem to have problems loading on epsxe (using inbuilt cd plugin or psx 1.13 again using inbuilt plugin)

    there is also a problem with using memory cards with tomb raider II, it doesn't save/load the game data, only way you can save your game play is using the emulators built in 'save state' facility
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