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Discussion in '1964 Discussion' started by Empyrean_night, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I'm new to these forums and have a question regarding save files of the nintendo 64 emulators Project64 and 1964. I have been using Project64 for a good while now, but I have recently downloaded custom texture for the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Project 64 does not fully render all of the textures I have extracted (about half of them) while 1964 shows them all perfectly (from what I've seen). I was wondering if I could transfer my save file of this game from Project64 into the save extension of 1964. I've heard other people successfully do this, but I honestly have neither the talent nor the expertise to figure out the correct methods for doing so. I was wondering if you guys could help me out some. Thanks! :)
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    I have the same problem as you. However, I posted this topic long before, and the truth is that there is no real way to transfer. I tried many things, such as using the option in 1964 that imports Project64 saves, but the game gets corrupt. Sorry, but I believe your out of luck.:(
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    You can copy and rename the native saves from your PJ64 saves folder into your 1964 saves folder just fine. I will explain how to get 1964 to read them below:

    Simplest explanation:

    1. Start Zelda with 1964 and it will generate a native save (.SRA) named THE LEGEND OF ZELDA-1D4136F3AF63EEA9.sra or something similar (this is different for each unique dump of the game there is).

    2. Rename your PJ64 save (THE LEGEND OF ZELDA.sra) to whatever the name of the file that was generated by 1964.

    Note: If you used save states all or part of the way through your PJ64 game, generate a recent native save by pressing start and pressing B, and it will update the native save.

    Advanced Information:

    1964 names native saves according to:

    [INTERNAL NAME]-[CRC1][CRC2].[Extension]

    PJ64 names native saves according to:

    [INTERNAL NAME].[Extension]

    The Internal Name, CRC1 and CRC2 information can be found using Tool64 on the rom image. With this info, you can name the file according to the above naming schemes (remembering to omit the 0x from the start of the CRC infos you get).
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    I was unaware that renaming the save file with the proper format would allow it to work in the other emu. Thanks a bunch Clements!!

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