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    Hi, yeah, so maybe one of you will have better idea than me.
    I started using PS3 controller (DS3) on my Galaxy S3 with the help of sixaxis app. All works great, but still, one thing bothers me.
    I mean it should work and as far as I know, it is.
    The problem is that it works only when in my ePSXe control configuration is set to virtual touch gamepad with vibration enabled and gamepad is mapped thru hardware buttons menu.
    And this causes DS3 vibration to work, only it works in tandem with phone vibrating too. Quite annoying when your phone is vibrating and falling of the stand or spinning on the table when you are in middle of preventing outbreak of deadly virus and whatnot.

    I tried enabling vibration using DS3 profile in ePSXe control settings, but the moment I switch to it, vibration stops. Autodetection while in game using touch controlls first also disables vibration.

    Any suggestions are welcome and kudos to people who know what game I mentioned.
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