PSX crashed! Need help to restore save file

Discussion in 'pSX Discussion' started by Mwafiq, Dec 2, 2014.

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    So I need help with my PSX. When I was playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, my PSX suddenly crashed making the game freeze. So I thought by saving the state that it was currently in and overwriting the save that I use to load my game with this new state, and loading the new saved state back, it would unfreeze it. But that didn't work. So I closed the application, and tried running it again. I load the state again and a window popped out. I can't remember what it said, but it created a file named psxfin.073d.mdmp afterwards. I researched online what .mdmp file is, and I found out that it's some sort of back-up file.

    So, is it possible to restore my save file from the .mdmp file?

    If this is any help, my OS is windows 7 64-bit
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    your best bet is using Previous Version from Right Click the files > Properties...
    and lol how save state always return you to that saved position.. how come you save it at freezing state XD .. im always use new slot when saving.

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