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Discussion in 'Visualboy Advance Discussion' started by Bookworm, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Well, technically this is two questions, but they're suitably similar, so I'm only going to tie up one thread.

    For a change, I don't have any problems with saving, white screens, etc. in Pokemon Ruby - the vba-over.ini file worked like a charm. My problems are something that I couldn't find in the search (which leads me to believe that I'm the only one experiencing them, but meh).

    1) The real-time clock seems to be running a bit fast. Namely, when I began the game, I set the clock to my computer time, which has remained accurate since then. After having played for about ten minutes, I noticed that the clock was a little fast. Having played for half an hour, I noticed that it was nearly 30 minutes ahead of schedule, and a quick chart I drew up has confirmed my belief: the clock is ahead by the same amount of time I've been playing the game!

    I'm assuming that this is because the clock is running twice as fast whilst I'm playing the game. It's a bit annoying, but nothing I can't work around. That said, is there any way to directly modify the speed the game clock runs? I know how to modify emulator speed, but could I say, slow down the clock for a few hours to get caught up? Or speed it up and cheat on the berries? (See below)

    2) Speaking of berries, they don't seem to be growing. I planted one approximately 16 hours ago - the berry in question should have fully grown in about 12 hours, and should have started to sprout in 3. Nothing's happened yet, even though the clock in the bedroom has advanced over 19 hours since the first planting. Is this a bug in the ROM? (Every time I've made a bad dump, errors are fairly obvious, like getting a blank screen or whatnot - this would be the most subtle 'bad dump' of my career) Did I simply imagine plants growing whilst playing on the real thing? It's supposed to be tied to the clock, and since I'm having clock problems, I decided to ask both questions in one go - but having the clock mysteriously speed up should have made the berries grow faster (which is one of the reasons I'm using an emulator in the first place); instead, the berries aren't growing period. What am I missing here?

    Anyone else experienced either of these problems? And, more importantly, has anyone concocted a viable solution to them? (short of modifying the emulator's source, if at all possible ;) )
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    Its a bug in 1.7x, its fixed in the latest 1.8svn and VBA-M builds.

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