Recovering lost Partition/Data

Discussion in 'Software Discussion' started by FoxSevent, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Ok heres the problem if anyone can help me.
    I had 2 HDD in a dual bay enclosure
    1. 2TB MSRB
    2. 4TB GPT
    In a jbod mode sadly the bay decided to die and as it gave it's last breath, it sets itself to RAID1 and fuck ups both HDD.
    Now i inserted the HDD in a new single but in both the partition is broken, and i the bloody genius just tried to make a new partition, and now im stuck with widows asking me to format, which is what i don't wanna do, soo much porn lost T.T
    I tried looking for guides and using software to fix it, but it either fails/crashes or it's too complex.

    Please someone help. T.T
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