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    Hello i have a request for whom ever has the skills to do so. If some one could take the PeopsOpenGLGpu178 source code and add the option to add shaders to it that seems to be the only reason why most people do not use it. And use the 2.9 instead of the open source version. Ive seem many thread about people complaining psx emulation has kind of stood still for sometime. And i agreed with those statements. Ive been using 2.9 for a while like everyone else does but it seems like you could do so much more with 1.78 and add the features of 2.9 with out to many problems. they are essentially the same plugin from what i see. just missing a few features like the mdec filter and such. Also the 2.9 linux plugin does not work anymore because the libs are so old. So this would benefit linux users as well since the 1.78 does work on linux for the most part. I think instead of tweaking the 2.9 like tapeq has been doing it would be more beneficial to just add those features to this plugin and work from their and maybe more people would help out. Anyone who has some insight feel free to comment or share your try at this.
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