RPI filters - Linux support?

Discussion in 'VBA-M Discussion' started by matheusmoreira, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I'm using gvbam revision 1054 on Fedora 15 and I couldn't figure out how to get RPI filter plugins working.

    All instructions I've found tell me to put the plugins in the same directory as the executable. /usr/bin is not the place for shared objects, so that's out. I tried putting them in /usr/share/vbam and in ~/.config/gvbam, and it didn't work in either case.

    So I went to the source and found the RPI header and source files in the Windows tree, and nothing similar under the GTK tree.

    So yeah, it doesn't seem to be supported. Man, I sure do miss my HQ4X. Are there plans to add that feature? Linux has similar runtime linking support and the Ubuntu people apparently can use the filters in Kega Fusion, so I guess it can be done.
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