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Discussion in 'Visualboy Advance Discussion' started by pangpang, Feb 28, 2012.

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    hello everyone,
    lately I´ve been playing downloaded gba roms on visual boy advance and on my gps phone (emu for the iphone)
    Now, I downloaded the gba rom of Mega man battle network and played it with both emu's. But the following happens: everytime I save my game with Gpsphone, I get a .sav file of 32kb.
    However when I play the game on vba, I get a 64kb .sav file. When I transfer my save file from vba to gpsphone I'm able to play, but I can's save the game anymore. This way I'm not able to transfer my save between these two emu's.
    Is there any way I can fix this problem?
    hope you guys can help me;)
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    You've downloaded ROMs which is an illegal way of obtaining them and therefore against our Rules and because of that you will not receive any help with this issue and and therefore your thread has been locked.
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