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    Thanks to Shamus et al.
    I was not sure where to send this, so I will post it here.
    Attached is a patch against the current git version. Tested only on Linux/x86-64/Qt4.

    There is a new 'Tools' menu, with Dump/Load and the option to choose from 10 save slots per game.

    Sometimes the audio will be screwed up after loading the save state.
    Try loading the state several times, by holding down the load button/key for a second or two.

    The escape key toggles full screen mode. (It was F9 ...)
    F5/F8 are mapped to Dump/Load.

    Fixed sample buffer overrun in DSPSampleCallback.

    Should compile with either Qt4 or Qt5.

    Stopped randomizing RAM contents on startup, in order to better compress the state file.

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