Shader Algorithms - General Tips for type of game

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    Long time emulator fan back again..
    and what a surprise what has changed with the possibilities of shaders.
    Truly amazing but very hard to wrap my head around it.

    First, there are so many different algorithms, then,
    you have all these parameters in the shader files,
    and still, I dont know what the original Petes OGL2 Settings suppose to do :)

    Then there is something called SweetFX? How do you use that?

    Even then..

    It would be great if something like a description of each algoritm exists, so one has gist of using an idea when to use which for each game.

    So maybe one can generlize each game and get a good result:
    * complete 3D games, like Tomb Raider, Crash bandicoot,
    * complete 2D games, like Alundra, (Tales of),
    * those hybrid games, like the FF series, Resident Evil, with 3d models and 2d backgrounds
    * and those other hybrid games which have 3d backgrounds but 2d sprites, ala Breath of Fire or Xenogears, Tactics Ogre

    Yes, it is a very subjective thing, each person has different tastes in different shaders, but I guess you are either one of those who want to keep it retro or those who try to get some HD quality like thing going.

    In my case I am thinking of the later.

    (Currently I am trying to find a good config for Breath of Fire 4 and cant get rid of pixeled look of the maincharacter sprites, unless I use something like 5xBR which makes everything very smuddgy, even the 3d parts)
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