Spyro 2 crashes when loading a save

Discussion in 'Problems with Games' started by hdaniel, May 4, 2012.

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    I am on windows 7,64 bit
    Amd Athlon ii p320 dual core processor.2.10 ghz
    3gb ram
    On the emulator i am using
    version 17.0
    USA bios
    Petes opengl 2.9
    ePxse cdr WNT/W2K CRE 1.70
    eternal spu plugin 1.41(have to use this so there is no skipping of audio in cutscenes)
    PAL-ISO(have tried mounting and running that way too)

    So sypro 2 has caused me some problems.It took me ahilwe to find a plugin that gets the sound working.So i played for a bit,and upon entering the first level from the hub area after the introductary level it crashed.I reopened the iso and go to open my save file.There is a book on screen saying something i cant remember and the screen goes black and it crashes.In the dos window it simply says "Closing spu...".It does this every time.Whats wrong?
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  3. Volchek

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    I'm having the same issue.
    Tried switching to a PAL bios, no dice.
  4. Shendo

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    Try to remake the image with Alcohol120% on PlayStation preset with ccd option.

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