TeamViewer denies being hacked, blames users, and introduces new security measures

Discussion in 'Software Discussion' started by GeominorAI, Jun 5, 2016.

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    Glad i rarely use it...
  4. Thanakil

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    They might not be lying, I've seen the same thing happen with MMOs. A bunch of accounts end up being "hacked" at once, players claim the developers were hacked, but it turns out that a different website was hacked recently and the "hacked" accounts were using the same nickname/email and password for both that website and the game.
    When I played WoW I also saw users being called out for lying on the security measures they were using. They'd claim: "It CAN'T be my fault, I was using the authenticator, so clearly Blizz was hacked or their authenticator isn't functioning", followed by a developer looking at their account and seeing they never had an Auth linked with it. (Which could eventually also be verified by other gamers, as you gain an achievement and a vanity pet for using one in WoW, other people can see your achieves)

    All that to say that TeamViewer could be bullshiting us, but it could also very well be the result of another website or service being hacked. It wouldn't come as a shock if they correctly predicted that passwords stolen from LinkedIn were recycled for TeamViewer.
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    Issue is the collection of people's logins couldve occured before their current exploitation, and not necessarily (just) from the linkedin hack. For all you know Teamviewer's network could've been breached anbd exploited long ago, and TV are either oblivious to anything happening today or that exploitation simply stopped, with tracks deleted. Disgruntled insiders ?
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    Myspace was hacked as well apparently so yeah. I never had an account with team viewer personally and Its only open when I am actively using it to control/work on someone elses PC otherwise its closed and not active and with no account to speak of there is no password/username to hack.

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