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Discussion in 'Xebra/Arbex Discussion' started by zeta7, Apr 27, 2017.

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    I have a problem with Circle button in Chapter 4. (Only in battle) my circle button won't attack.

    My configuration is: (see image)

    Color = 16 bits. ; I cache size--> 0

    My 4 characters are not Magicians. (Then, my circle button won't attack.)
    But if I changed a character by a " a mage" ; mage with circle button can attack.

    If you can help me, you're welcome. Sorry by my english.

    My savedata:

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    Works fine for me, try changing to "Digital Controller". I've experienced weird problems using "Analog Controller".

    Lets try to correct this...

    *If my 4 characters not are Magicians. Then, my circle button won't attack.
    *But if I change character by a "mage" in the circle button, it can attack.

    It's normal, the back "character / enemy" can't jump over his teammates, unless these die. Likewise, "characters / enemies" can't attack the back "enemy / character" either. Magic is the exception to the rule.
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    That's not a problem. Soon after his first attack with the magician, he gets a very high CT. You can attack again as long as the CT returns to 0.

    1 - You can attack the enemy when he is on the ground to gain gem of activity

    2 - You can learn to enable Wait Reaction, where your mage can attack with a familiar until the CT returns to 0.

    PS: If the enemy of the "circle" button does not form a magician or archer, you can not attack with this button.

    Sorry my english to. I'm from Brazil.

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