Warped Text/Display in certain games

Discussion in 'Problems with Games' started by mrfancypants92, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. mrfancypants92

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    My problem is simple: for some reason, certain bits of text and parts of the display are warped, as if they were slanted on an angle.



    Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The weird thing is that it's not consistent across all games. Here's my video settings for reference.


    I'm also getting odd model flickering in Resident Evil: Director's Cut, but until I find some recording software that can actually capture ePSXe it's hard for me to show that.
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  3. SquishyPotatoe

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    Use the ePSXe GPU core for 2d games, and use the OpenGL2 core in 3D games.
    Makes life easier.
  4. dpence

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    turn off pixel precision in gte hacks under epsxe's options... in some games it screws with text and lines causing them to ..ummm wobble in movement or warp when stationary

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