Where can i find Pcsx2 Games

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Sonixz, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Sonixz

    Sonixz New Member

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    you can call me idiot or anything but where can i find pc2 emulator games iso's or anything....thx ^^
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  3. Sublevel47

    Sublevel47 New Member

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    In stores!
  4. V1ncent

    V1ncent |> |_ /\ |\| | Translator Award Winner!

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    You were right ! you are an idiot !!!
    Steps to perform to get a pcsx2 game :

    1) Step out from your home.
    2) Get a vehicle to reach the game store.
    3) Once you reach the game store, try to cross the road by not being squashed by traffic.
    4) If you are squashed , you don't need any pcsx2 game.
    5) If you are safe ! Then you can ask the shopkeeper for your choice of PS2 game.
    6) Well . . . Come on! pay him for the game you bought.
    7) Try to reach your home safe.
    8) When you reach your home, show the bill to your parents.
    9) Start your computer.
    10) What now? Open the game case and put the game CD/DVD in your CD/DVD drive of your computer.
    11) Double click on pcsx2.exe (wherever you have it).
    12) Setup the emulator(only if you know how,or else make another stupid thread about it).
    13) Click on the pcsx2 window to make it active.
    14) Click File>Run CD/DVD.
    15) What now you ask ? The game should be on the pcsx2 compatibility list ,atleast ingame ,if you want to play it !
    16) You must have at least 1GB RAM physical memory,256 MB RAM graphic memory,to just see the game running.
    17) Come on. . dont wait now ,play the game !
  5. General Plot

    General Plot Familiar Face

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    NGEmu has a strict policy concerning discussion of piracy/warez here. You should take a moment to become familiar with the rules here before posting again.;) Closed.
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