Why do so many 3d capable console/system emulators lack decent 2d filtering???

Discussion in 'Software Discussion' started by Mikhail000, Aug 18, 2016.

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    It's something that bugs me whilst you can have pin sharp 3d models running in higher resolution with added texture filtering, you always seem to loose out when it comes to filtering 2d game backgrounds, text etc the lack of blinear or bicubic filtering.
    Some emulators have an option for fullscreen filtering but I don't like that approach
    as you get artifacts from low res textures that occupy the same area,
    why can't all textures be filtered when being passed from the virtual framebuffer before being sent on to directx or opengl with a native scaling factor used to match the screen resolution?
    this could easily be done with bicubic filtering no need for the likes of AA etc as it'd fi!tered already.
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  3. lagunareturns

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    From experience from plugins that do this, it is hard to scale hires 3d with upscaled 2d properly especially when dealing with really low resolutions hence why dreamcast and gamecube and wii do not have that issue

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