Will an Xbox One Controller work the same as an Xbox360 controller on my pc?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion' started by appollo147, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. appollo147

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    I know this sounds like a totally noob question, but will an Xbox One controller be just as compatible with all my emulators and pc games as an Xbox360 controller? The reason I am asking is because my 360 controller is under warranty from Wal-Mart and I am having to send it back due to it malfunctioning. The problem is that Wal-Mart instead of sending you a replacement product they put the amount that you spent on the product on a Wal-Mart gift card. Which means that I have to get my new controller from Wal-Mart there because I can't afford to buy a new one from anywhere else. Also, my local Wal-Mart hasn't had any wired 360 controllers for months, and I really don't want a wireless one.
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  3. Lasnap

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    Yeah it does work pretty much the same as a 360 controller on PC.
  4. lukedink

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    Yup, it should be just as compatible with all your games as the X360 controller.
  5. Strike105X

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    Unfortunately its not compatible with all of them, but most of your games should work, from my tests here are the games that wont be compatible with it:

    Dead or Alive 5 LR
    Hawx 1/2

    Emulators wise i have not had a single issue with it.

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